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Premature Ejaculation and Performance Anxiety

R.Y. Langham, PhD, Between Us Clinic | August 12, 2022
“Mindfulness Meditation – For the types of PE that are caused psychological factors, such as anxiety, mindfulness-based practices can be helpful in calming the mind and body. Mindfulness-based practices and experiences help individuals to become aware of and attune to body’s sensations and responses, allows one to be comfortable in their body and with their sexual sensations, rather than being distracted by anxious or worrisome thoughts or other distracters.

Mindfulness can also help with depressive thoughts and feelings that can also create ejaculatory and/or erectile difficulties. Contrary to what many people imagine mindfulness practices to look like – which is basically sitting on the floor with crossed legs, eyes closed, and chanting – mindfulness practices include a wide variety of experiences that allow stillness of the mind and soul.

Such activities can include gardening, putting a puzzle together, coloring, knitting/crochet, word searches, listening to peaceful music, walking, slow movement-based exercise, etc.”

~Dr. Sandra Lindholm, Psychologist/Board Certified Sex Therapist

How to Talk to a Male Partner Who’s Insecure About His Penis Size

Paul Schrodt, Giddy | May 11, 2022
The anxiety is pervasive, yet length is far less important than he probably thinks it is.

A mental-health crisis is brewing in Silicon Valley, and some say even the perks can’t make them stay

Zara Stone, Business Insider | April 11, 2022
“… [Dr.] Sandra Lindholm, also known as a Silicon Valley sexologist. … For years, techs have come to Lindholm to address … issues brought on by demanding jobs and the inability to let go – stressors that never seem to stop. She’s not surprised that tech workers are part of the big layoff sweeping North America. …”

The High Cost Of Sex: Insurers Often Don’t Pay For Drugs To Treat Problems

Michelle Andrews, Kaiser Family Foundation | February 19, 2019
“In my clinical work, I see a lot of older couples,” said Sandra Lindholm, a clinical psychologist and sex therapist who is also a nurse practitioner [Lafayette, California]. “They are very interested in sex, and they feel like they’re able to embrace their erotic lives. But there may be medical issues that need to be addressed.”

7 Ways Your Mental Health Can Get in the Way of Your Orgasm

Meagan Drillinger, HEALTHLINE | October 29, 2018
“Any type of trauma can cause problems with any areas of sex, from desire and arousal to orgasm,” says Sandra Lindholm, a sex therapist and nurse practitioner. “The way trauma affects the brain also affects our sexuality, especially if the trauma is unprocessed.”

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