Everyone can have a rich, erotic, and fulfilling sex life!

Vibrant & satisfying sexuality is a birthright of all human individuals, according to Dr. Sandra Lindholm, Sex Therapist. The physical & psychological pleasures of erotic intimacy can promote a plethora of delights including a healthy body, enhance emotional well-being, decreased stress, increased self-esteem & energy and an enhanced connection between partners.

What is Sex Therapy?

Individuals of all backgrounds, whether single or partnered, may benefit from collaboration with a sex therapist. Sex therapists are licensed professionals with specialized theoretical knowledge & clinical skills in the diagnosis and treatment of sexual problems. Sex therapists utilize their expertise to assist people in resolving their sexual difficulties and creating fulfilling sex lives.

Sex therapy is a sub-specialty (form of) psychotherapy that focuses on issues related to an individual’s or couple’s sexuality. Common reasons for seeking sex therapy include low sexual desire, couples with differences in sexual desire, difficulty with sexual arousal/excitement & orgasm, sexual anxiety, erection & ejaculation problems, a history of sexual trauma and pain with sex. Individuals with medical problems, injuries or medication side effects affecting their sex life can enjoy improved sex from sex therapy. Some people seek sex therapy to enhance an already satisfactory erotic life.

Depending on the severity of the difficulty, unlike traditional psychotherapy, sex therapy is typically brief; individuals or couples who are motivated for improvement, attend session regularly and complete recommended exercises, generally reach their goals in 3-6 months. In the presence of underlying or longstanding couple’s issues, a history of unresolved trauma or certain medical/medication issues, therapy may last longer. All recommended exercises are done at home; sex therapy sessions never involve physical contact, nudity or sexual activity in the presence of the therapist.

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